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MIJUNG Food manufactures high quality products for conglomerates like CJ, Sajo Daelim, Saempio, Paldo, and Heechang trade as OEM.


Major Products

CJ Corporation
Cheiljemyunso series, noodle soup, cold noodle, wet noodles made with buckwheat and Katsuobushi
Sajo Daelim
Cold noodles, noodle soups, Yeoju rice cakes in hot sauce, rice soup, etc.

Potato Handpulled Dough SoupPotato Noodle SoupRice Chewy NoodlesNoodle Soup

Rice NoodlesRice Cake for TopokkiRice Cake for Topokki Rice Cakes Soup

Rice NoodlesRice NoodlesRice Noodles

Rice NoodlesRice NoodlesRice Noodles