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Founded ChungA Food.
Name changed to MIJUNG (味丁).
2000 ~ 2005
Obtained ISO9001 certificate.
Developed and supplied instant rice noodles for the entire army.
Obtained CLEAN business certificate.
Supplied to CJ OEM.
Obtained certificate from Defense Quality Assurance Agency (DQAA).
2006 ~ 2007
KS certified (instant rice noodles, sauce)
Selected as PB vendor by Lotte.
Innobiz, Mainbiz certified
2008 ~ 2011
Ranked Top 10 in rice processed foods (black-bean-sauce rice noodles).
Selected and registered as a company allowed to use good agricultural
products trademark.
Supplied rice noodles for school lunches.
Obtained HACCP certification (rice cakes, noodles).
2012 ~ Present
Started export of noodles made with rice (the U.S., Japan, Australia,
Manufactured Homeplus PB products.
Received excellent firm citation from Small Business Administration.
Received excellent firm citation, marking trade day in Gyeongsangbuk-do.